Pumping 101

Change the Way You Pump.
Use CoBoo and Pump Pleasantly.

So Easy... Spray. Pump. Experience CoBoo Bliss!

Simple & Easy

  1. Assemble pump entirely.
  2. Make sure your drink, treat, and remote are within arm's reach
  3. Gently shake CoBoo
  4. Apply 1-2 sprays to each flange, just 1-2 inches from the flange to avoid overspray. You want to apply good lubrication where you have friction (i.e., the area down the neck of the flange where your nipple will extend, and half of the coned portion of the flange before it slopes into the neck).
  5. Apply pump to breast, and Pump Pleasantly.

Soothing and Easy to Use

CoBoo will moisture and lubricate your skin, create the perfect glide, and help your irritated and inflamed skin heal. We have made it easy and clean to apply, just one spray to each flange. Your fingers stay clean, and your milk stays germ free. CoBoo washes off easily with warm water and soap, there is no sticky residue left behind to scrub. Change the way you pump, use CoBoo and Pump Pleasantly.