Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant
Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant
Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant
Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant
Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant
Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant

Coboo Breast Pumping Lubricant

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Finally, a product designed for moms to lubricate and moisturize your skin while you pump!! Discover the ultimate solution for your breast pumping journey with CoBoo Organic Breast Pumping Spray. Crafted by pumping moms who understand your unique needs, this breast pump lubrication spray offers unparalleled comfort and care. Made from 100% organic food-grade ingredients, it's hypoallergenic, vegan, and safe for both you and your baby.

Say goodbye to discomfort and chafing as our perfect glide formula reduces friction while providing essential lubrication and moisture.

Designed for easy application, simply spray it directly on breast pump flanges to keep your hands clean and your milk germ-free.

CoBoo was formulated to make your skin glide while you pump, reducing friction and chafing, while protecting and moisturizing your skin and tender nipples.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa seed butter*


*4 oz bottle does not contain organic ingredients

Why coboo?

Natural Ingredients

A unique blend of three oils creates the perfect glide for your skin as you pump.

Less friction. Less pain.

Less friction, less skin irritation, less pain - all with 100% natural, food-grade ingredients.

Soothe Your Skin

Shea butter is suspended in the oils, so your skin gets the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Amazing!! I exclusively pumped for my first baby and I wish this had been available then.  CoBoo Spray is convenient and makes pumping almost enjoyable. I can’t pump without it now.


Do yourself a solid and buy some CoBoo Spray! Used it last night for the first time & oh my wow!!! This is fantastic! Moms who are pumping, do yourself a solid and buy some CoBoo Spray.


I've had 4 kids and if this spray was available with my first 3 I wouldn't have stopped pumping. I purchased my spray 3 wks ago and this is a total pumping game changer for sure. 5/5!!


I am completely blown away by this. I feel like I suffered needlessly through my first and this time around it is so much better! Love it!